Information about the good features of Cactus oil

Ins and outs of Cactus oil?

Cactus original oil derived from the fruit of the Opuntia ficus indica cactus.
curious plant from the cactus family with the skills to survive during long periods of drought.
With healthy fruit also known as prickly pear.

A prickly pear contains many tiny black seeds of which cactus (prickly pear) oil is extracted.
Cactus oil is one of the more expensive beauty oils in the world because the production is very labor intensive and time consuming.
The seeds are separated from the pulp and dried before being cold pressed.
Each seed containing 5% oil, for 1 liter are 1 million dried seeds needed about 1000 kilo cactus fruit.
The oil is used by Berber women for generations to keep the skin in good condition in the dry and hot desert.

Cactus oil

  • is quickly absorbed, leaving no greasy marks and also suitable as eye serum where at regular use dark edges under the eyes fade away,
  • has an unprecedented high percentage delta tocopherol or vitamin E, a natural antioxidant that builds resistance against free radicals and thus prevents premature skin aging,
  • forms a natural barrier for the main cells of the immune system and can thus rejuvenate mature skin and restore her vitality, a natural antiaging product,
  • has a slight lifting effect on the skin, by regular use the skin becomes smooth and firm elastic,
  • ensures proper blood circulation, making the skin fresher and smoother complexion,
  • overall an elixir for the skin that ensures that wrinkles diminish and fade fine lines.


Cactus oil is also recommended for the care of the bust and to strengthen it.
Cactus oil is an excellent remedy for acne, scars and other marks on the skin, it does not feel greasy and a few drops are enough for the face and neck.

Cactus olie kan worden gebruikt als dag en nacht product, is zeer zuinig in gebruik.
It contains an extract proteins that combat skin stress, the viability of the skin cell maintains and forms a natural barrier and protection for the skin.

The combination Cactus oil and Argan oil is very effective because the natural coenzyme Q10 keeps intact and encouraged.
Q10 is one of the natural substances which prevents or retards the formation of wrinkles and is naturally produced by the cells.

Cactus oil contains extreme delta tocopherol (> 1000mg / 100ml) and Argan oil very much gamma tocopherol (> 600 mg / 100ml) and these penetrate into the skin cell membrane.
In some creams synthetic Q10 is added, but it is not proven that they can penetrate cell membranes.

Cactus oil contains more vitamin E than Argan oil (1000mg per kg to over 600mg per kg), vitamin E helps prevent inflammation and / or slow down, therefore cactus oil has a healing effect on eczema.
Many people experience a reduced immediate relief from itching and pain and redness in particular psoriasis and acne spots and inflammation so the less noticeable.



Vruchten van de Opuntia Ficus Indica Cactus