Information about the benefits of Argan Oil

How and what with Argan oil
Argan oil is also known as “liquid gold” and is one of the world’s most valuable oils.
Argan oil is extracted from Argania spinosa kernels of the argan tree which is native to southwestern Morocco.
Argan oil is an anti-oxidant, rich in unsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids (omega-6), oleic acid or olein is the most important unsaturated fatty acid with one double bond), linoleic (di-unsaturated, essential, omega 6 fatty acid) with a high content of tocopherols (vitamin E), phytosterols (vegetable oil) and pheonolic compounds (have demonstrable anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-viral and anti-cancer properties).
Argan oil is a natural way to defend the skin against premature aging, reduces wrinkles and softens the skin.


The benefits of Argan Oil in general

  • Noticeable reduction in wrinkles and softening the skin
  • Proved rich in proteins in order to reinforce the skin and protect the elasticity of the skin
  • Regenerates skin to stimulate the vital functions of cells to prevent premature aging caused by external factors (sun, bad weather, pollution, stress, tobacco, etc.)
  • Rapid reduction of skin irritation and inflammation
  • Reduces stains and delays the appearance of wrinkles
  • Processed sebum and has a regulating effect for oily skin
  • Successfully reduces visible scars left by acne or chickenpox
  • Substantial hydration of the skin by restoring the natural barrier and neutralizing free radicals
  • Helps prevent stretch marks caused by pregnancy or weight loss
  • Is traditionally used for treatment of eczema and psoriasis and as medicine
  • Strengthens brittle nails
  • Soothes pain caused by rheumatism and arthritis
  • Restores remarkable shine of hair care scalp which promotes hair growth and helps to restore split points


The benefits of Argan Oil for hair

  • Argan oil is also perfect for hair care, both men and women can benefit from the use of organic argan oil as a hair treatment
  • Put the oil on the hair (dry or wet) wait 15-30 minutes, and was then treat your hair as normal (wrap the hair in a steamed towel as well)
  • Argan oil is great for anyone who is looking for nourishing means for colored, dry or brittle hair
  • Argan oil sealed, hydrates, strengthens and makes revive damaged hair
  • Ideal for a nice finish by blow drying, styling, colors and after applying extensions
  • Healthy hair requires a fine balance of natural oils and vitamins, Argan Oil provides the needed nutrients making hair easier to treat and smoother without making hair greasy


Argan oil makes / ensures:

  • Softens thick unmanageable hair
  • Restores shine and softness to lifeless hair
  • Promotes healing and provides nourishment to hair damaged by color / styling
  • Creates an optimal balance for hair and scalp
  • Nourishes the scalp (alleviates itchy, dry scalp)
  • Protects against UV damage and other environmental factors
  • Reduces drying time and speeds up styling time


Benefits of Argan oil for skin and body:

  • Argan oil moisturizes, revitalizes, softens the skin and protects against dehydration but also reduces irritation, cracking and cracks caused by cold and helps to prevent wrinkles
  • Argan oil is an excellent remedy to combat and remove acne and has a firming and toning effect which does wonders for the loss of skin elasticity
  • Argan oil is ideal for example to replace night cream and can be used throughout the year but especially in the cold winter months argan oil will keep the skin soft and supple


Benefits of Argan oil for nails:

Argan oil does wonders for nails because of its high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids provides a treatment with Argan oil, the essential features to enhance cuticles and to keep the nails beautiful.
Pamper your nails with a treatment usually reserved for spas and give the nails radiant shine and strength they deserve.


10 Reasons to use Argan oil – Other than fighting wrinkles.

Argan oil is one of the most popular ingredients and standalone products in the beauty industry
But did you know that argan oil can be used for more than just the fight against wrinkles?
The Moroccan castor oil, as it is often called, contains 80% essential fatty acids (anti-inflammatory), squalene (for a soft skin), plant sterols (protection of collagen), and phenolic compounds (anti-oxidant), which makes it one of the most versatile beauty products and suitable for anyone who wants and wants to remain price conscious like easy-care beauty products and beauty routines.

The top 10 reasons to use argan oil:

  1. Soothes dry, cracked skin by very high content of unsaturated fatty acids, more than shea butter, which gives it a perfect hydration for face, hands and body
  2. Helps prevent stretch marks; use any other stretch mark cream, the oil is absorbed quickly and leaves no greasy residue
  3. Fades scars; with regular use argan oil helps to fade scars and acne
  4. Does the oil production in balance; The oil is non-comedogenic, it will not clog pores
  5. Relieves eczema and psoriasis; Argan oil is one of the world’s richest natural sources of vitamin E, therefore an ideal treatment for various skin conditions
  6. Softens cuticles; ‘S application at night and leave on for best results
  7. Take care of hair; the large capacity moisturizing oil is an intensive conditioner and can even be used to prevent split ends and restore
  8. Relieves dry, itchy scalp; apply the oil on the scalp and wrap the head in a warm towel for 30 minutes or use at night to soothe irritation
  9. Soothes irritated baby skin, a great alternative to the chemical baby oils
  10. As a culinary oil; Add spices and healthcare products to taste, sprinkle fish and vegetables with argan oil (Note; the oil is not suitable for heating)


Argan oil offers the skin new vitality and complete beauty.
Furthermore, Argan oil regenerates the skin and is known for its moisturizing, nourishing and protective effect.

In traditional medicine, argan oil is used frequently to heal scars, to alleviate rheumatic pain and reduce wrinkles.



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